About the Founders

The Founders

The Founders

Joe and Amie Prest were drawn together by fate one (very) rainy evening in New Orleans on the 4th of July some years ago. Whilst walking across 18 blocks in the torrential summer downpour to get to the fabled French Quarter they realised they shared an idealistic vision of what life could be about, and that somehow they were meant to spend their lives together to work out how to make that happen. Englishman Joe and Texas girl Amie married exactly one year after that fateful meeting, and after living for a while in Texas, moved to the UK to raise a family. They have three adorable daughters and enjoy spending time on both sides of the Atlantic whenever possible.

About our company

We founded this company because we believe in the products we offer, and that by using them we can make a difference, however small at first, to the World around us. Mesquite is one of the most outstanding renewable natural resources on the planet and its full potential has begun to be re-discovered in recent decades. Of course, for the indigenous people of the Americas, mesquite’s usefulness never was, and never has been forgotten. It has always been a tree of life for those in the know. For Native Americans it was a source of sustenance in good years and bad, with families retaining custody of mesquite trees and groves for centuries. Mesquite is an excellent source of protein and other nutritional elements that makes it a valuable and delicious food for people everywhere.

There is a lot of talk about ‘superfoods’ and ‘raw living’ these days, but whereas such foods may be beneficial in certain respects, they are limited to what benefit they can provide us personally, with no thought to where they come from, how they are processed, or the people who produce them. Our Mesquite is completely different. Mesquite trees can be used to reclaim degraded and saline soils, stop desertification and soil erosion, thrive and provide food in the most arid areas of the World in the poorest soils, provide shelter and fuel, fodder and building materials, reliable crops and good, sustainable income for indigenous families. This is not just a tree that provides something tasty and nutritious for the privileged, but a tree that can genuinely enrich lives and the environment in which it thrives. This is why we are passionate about mesquite, and why we are bringing our Pure Mesquite to you.

The Mesquite Company is a family owned and operated business based in Retford, Nottinghamshire. We believe mesquite has the potential to become one of the key renewable resources of the 21st century. At The Mesquite Company, we have taken great care to source the finest supply of mesquite pod flour with an emphasis on the best flavour, nutrition and strictest safety standards.

In addition to mesquite pod flour we offer a range of hardwood flooring, fine furniture and mesquite timber. Visit www.themesquitecompany.com if you would like to know more.



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